£24.99 FREEPOST GHD repair and return service fully inclusive of labour and all parts. 

No added costs and No excuses. If your GHD uses a lever switch, rather than a touch sensor to turn on it can be repaired.

Our company Siriushair® Ltd was formed when my wives GHD Hair Straighteners failed.

I was able to repair using donor components such as heaters, thermal fuses and PCB from other GHD and soon the word spread, no longer were your expensive GHD destined for landfill or a dark cupboard, we designed components to repair in the USA and China, and began sourcing faulty / damaged GHD to enable others to be repaired.

Our inventory of GHD genuine and compatible components is vast and we now have the largest source of GHD original and compatible spares worldwide.

Remaining with our roots and understanding that not everyone has the skills or tools to repair their GHD we are offering our repair service to enable our customers to save money and benefit the environment by recycling.

Our service is £24.99 which is an all inclusive price including FREEPOST to Siriushair® Ltd.

Unlike others we have no hidden charges and unlike other repair companies we have ALL the components to repair in stock.

No waiting for parts, no excuses and no compromise on service.

Please view the details of the service we offer.

If however you wish to carry out the repair yourself we applaud you, and on our website you will find all the components necessary to enable you to get your GHD back fully operational, such as thermal fuses, heaters, resistors, cables, motherboards and casings for the entire GHD hair straightener range, we are more than happy to offer any advice for repairing and the components required so please ask, after all we only repair GHD hair straighteners..

Thank You

John Wilson

Siriushair® Ltd

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