Heater Elements

We have manufactured our own eco friendly and highly efficient direct GHD replacement compatible ceramic heaters after consultations with our manufacturers both in China and the USA, these parts are a direct replacement for the original GHD ceramic heater element.

Other suppliers we found did not use the correct length attaching wires on their parts, this caused undue strain on the wire, incorrect fitting, and premature failure.

We resolved this by measuring and using the exact length wires for each model variant rather than simply manufacturing a "one for all" version, you will find our heaters are an exact fit and operate the same as the original heater.

We use polyamide heat protection on the attaching leads of our heaters to protect the wires from heat damage, and also the same red insulation as the GHD ceramic heater.

These are direct replacement spare parts to enable you to repair or service your GHD hair straightener.

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