Misc Items

In this section of our website you will find our original GHD range of heat bags and mats, Halnziye® thermal compound, resistors and our own designed and manufactured silicone heat guard protector.

Our heat bags are purchased from hair salons as excess stock and as such we only have limited supplies, the heat bags often have integrated heat mats and are all heat resistant and most importantly they are the original genuine GHD supplied product.

The silicone heat guard was designed exclusively for Siriushair® and will fit all the GHD range except for the Max (wide) stylers and the MS (Thin) stylers, made from heat resistant silicone it is a must to protect yourself and your bedroom furniture from burns.

Siriushair® only recommends the use of Halnziye® thermal compound if you are repairing or carrying out a service on your GHD. If you are replacing the heaters on a faulty GHD this part will ensure correct heat distribution, one soft pack is enough for two heater elements.

The resistors we use for our repairs are the exact size as the original GHD component, they are SMD resistors and you will need a soldering iron and electrical knowledge before attempting to replace these parts, the 50 ohm resistor we supply is rated at 47 ohms and operates exactly the same as the original GHD part.