Ceramic Heaters For GHD® And Cloud Nine® Hair Straighteners


Please ensure you are suitably qualified and equipped to carry out electrical repairs. 

The model number of your GHD or C9 hair straightener is found on the identification label on the non switch side arm of the appliance.

The colour of the appliance has no relevance to the heater type.

Direct replacement for failed ceramic heaters.

Used original C9 and GHD heaters are fully tested but will have signs of use such as residual thermal paste.

Original size connection eyelets for correct fit.

TUV / CE Certified UK RoHS compliant.

Once received please ensure you test the heater for continuity on both outer wires (approx 50 ohm ) both inner wires (approx 500 ohms) before fitting, if it has arrived damaged we will issue a full refund upon its return, buyer pays return postage.

If the heater fails or is damaged however after fitting, this will be caused by another faulty component such as a capacitor on the GHD hair straightener and does not indicate a faulty heater.

A heater which has been damaged after fitting, or if fitted the GHD still does not operate, a refund of 50% of purchase cost and shipping will be made when returned so it can be recycled, return postage at your expense.

PLEASE ensure after carrying out any repair to a appliance you leave for 30 minutes before use to ensure the temperature has settled and the safety cut out feature activates correctly.

We can also supply quotations, with discount for larger orders where we have availability to do so, if this is of interest please contact with your buying request and we will endeavour to offer a very competitive price.

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