Please ensure you are suitably qualified and equipped to carry out electrical repairs. 

The model number of your GHD hair straightener is found on the identification label on the non switch side arm of the GHD.

  • Direct replacement for failed GHD thermal fuses.
  • Original GHD size connection eyelets for correct fit.
  • SIRIUSHAIR® thermal fuses are 229ºC +0ºC -5ºC.
  • TUV / CE Certified UK RoHS compliant.

PLEASE ensure after carrying out any repair to a GHD you leave for 30 minutes before use to ensure the temperature has settled and the safety cut out feature activates correctly.

On some early GHD hair straightener models such as 3 / 3.1 / 4.0 / 4.1B the new SIRIUSHAIR® thermal fuse operates correctly but may require alteration to the plastic backing plate fuse housing using a craft knife to fit.

Please look on YOUTUBE if uncertain how to fit the fuse

The latest PEPI H1 fuses do need to be carefully fitted, ensure both ends of the fuse touch the metal contacts on the heater element, prior to fitting to the motherboard ensure you have continuity on both outer left and right wires.

If you have a faulty pair of GHD the most cost effective option, rather than buying another pair, is to have them repaired by Siriushair® Ltd.