PCB Replacement Service

Here at Siriushair® we have a strong ethos for recycling and repairing, GHD does not sell any components so we use what we can recycle from faulty hair straighteners and what we have had manufactured.

The PCB is the main operating component of the GHD and although we have the technology, skills and parts to repair them we do require the bare bones units to fix.

There are compatible motherboards (PCB) available on the internet however we have found the build quality very poor, they are also fitted with low quality uncertified components, we would only advise using a genuine original refurbished GHD PCB.

We have introduced this PCB Replacement Service to enable you to make significant savings on replacing with a genuine original PCB but also to enable us to continue repairing the original component.

It is a simple process, if you need a replacement original PCB simply purchase this service, and upon receipt of the PCB you will find a FREEPOST return label in the package with your contact details.

Return your faulty PCB to Siriushair® and we will refund you £5 

Common Questions:

Q. My PCB has damage will you still accept?

Yes we will as we remove all components from damaged boards for use on others.

Q. Is it £5 for both sides or each side?

We only pay £5 for a complete unit this includes both sides and connection wiring

Q. I have a few faulty PCB can I send more than one?

Yes Please we need lots of motherboards and so long as complete ie both sides and wiring we pay £5 you can use the FREE return label for 1 -100 PCB.

Q. I am not sure if my PCB is genuine does this matter?

Unfortunately we can not accept any none genuine GHD items and if received we will notify you and return / dispose of.

If you have any questions please contact 

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