Power Cables

Siriushair® has used many cables from different suppliers to repair GHD over the 10 years we have been in operation.

We found varying differences in the quality and build of these other replacement cables.

Many of the supplied cables were made from poor quality hard PVC which was difficult to bend and knotted or kinked whilst the hair straightener was being used, the outer insulation was also prone to cracking and fatigue.

Some cables were uncertified so not to British Safety Standards.

Other cables the fitment to the GHD was the wrong size causing shortages and possible electrical shock.

Plugs fitted to some of the cables were not genuine having false British Kite marks and with counterfeit dangerous Bussman® fuses.

Due to the poor quality of the aftermarket cables available we decided to design and manufacture our own parts.

Our cables are made from the same PVC insulation as the original GHD products and are the exact length so will not kink or knot.

The cable connection was specifically designed for every individual model so swivels correctly when used.

All our cables are certified to British Standards / Kema Keur / VDE and the credentials of our suppliers checked for authenticity.

We only use genuine Bussman® UK fuses and Siriushair® is an authorised supplier of Power Connections ECP Plugs 

Power Connections was the original manufacturer to GHD of the European Connector Plug (ECP) fitted to older GHD.

All our cables are quality control (QC) checked before dispatch.

We are so proud of the quality of our cables that we wanted to differentiate them from substandard ones so all our cables have our brand SIRIUSHAIR® applied for reassurance that you are purchasing a quality, certified, direct replacement GHD compatible power cable.

SIRIUSHAIR® the name for certified, quality replacement GHD spare parts.

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