GHD are expensive items and with many none genuine GHD hair straighteners available how can you get yourself a bargain priced GHD without falling foul of the counterfeiters.

If it is a new GHD and it is priced a lot less than available in a hair salon you can be assured it is fake.

The only way to purchase a bargain GHD was to buy a used item from an online auction, Facebook or Craigs list.

However even then the counterfeiters have made this their market as well, selling a so called used GHD for half the price of the genuine version.

What is the only other option to ensure you get a genuine GHD at a bargain price?

Buy a refurbished Siriushair® set.

We purchase hundreds of faulty used GHD and our qualified techs and state of the art equipment begin the process of stripping them down, testing and cleaning each individual part.

Some of the spare parts are used for repairing other customers GHD, or sold to individual customers to enable them to repair or service there own GHD, however we also re-assemble a small percentage of GHD for sale as refurbished GHD.

You can be assured of purchasing from Siriushair® a genuine salon professional GHD, fully refurbished, with warranty, at a bargain price.

So what is the refurbishment process:

  • GHD received into decontamination area for 72hrs prior to being received into disassembly line.
  • GHD stripped to bare components and all spare parts segregated and catalogued.
  • Thermal paste removed from heaters and body of hair straightener.
  • Body / Backing Plates / Aluminium Heaters / Cable placed in an industrial cleaning machine and heat cleaned disinfected.
  • Body dried and refinished.
  • Cable tested and replaced if necessary.
  • Cable connector checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Plug fuse checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Heaters Tested and replaced if necessary.
  • Thermal paste added to replaced ceramic heaters
  • Thermal Fuse replaced as routine.
  • PCB tested and repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • GHD Re-assembled.
  • GHD PAT (Portable Appliance Test) and certified safe by qualified tech and in date equipment..
  • GHD polished and checked for QC.
  • GHD tested for 30 mins for effective operation of safety features.
  • Prior to dispatch after sale the GHD is given a final 5 min test and QC check.

The refurbishment of a GHD is a complex process and only those in the best condition are chosen, demand is always high for our GHD and stock levels fluctuate, so if your GHD is not available today it might be tomorrow. 

Please be advised the entire preparation time can take up to 4 days from time of ordering

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