If your GHD constantly beeps or has no power one of the common faults is a failed resistor and to repair the faulty GHD this part will need to be replaced.

The resistor is distinguished by an indicator on the motherboard as R8 / R11

The Early MK4 GHD (4.0B / 4.1B and some early MK4.2B) were fitted with a 100 Ohm R8 MELF resistor on the motherboard.

Later MK4.2B and all MK5 GHD were fitted with an R8 and R11 50 Ohm MELF resistor in tandem on the motherboard.

To check functionality of the resistor set your multimeter to continuity and test the resistor, if no continuity it has failed.

Sometimes you will notice a black scorch mark on the part another sure sign it has failed.

You will need a soldering iron to remove and replace the resistor.

Our resistors are the exact size as the original so will solder correctly onto the motherboard.

Our 50 ohm resistors are rated slightly less at 47ohms.

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