Mk3 GHD Spare Parts

Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, Susan Powls and Robert Powls founded GHD in January 2001. 

They collaborated to buy the rights to a hair straightening iron from an inventor in South Korea. 

The brand quickly took off organically, and the company did not even begin advertising until two years after its launch, the hair straightener was sold solely in Hair Salons worldwide.

This GHD was not even given a model number but here at Siriushair® it is known as the MK2.

MK2 GHD were widely sold but had lots of issues and after a few months was soon remodelled into the iconic MK3 GHD.

The MK3 GHD was a roaring success but even this model had its failings, and was later updated to the MK3.1B.

The MK3.1B model adopted the term "Good Hair Day" which became the rally call for hair straighteners worldwide, and so the straightening of hair began.

Parts for these early GHD are becoming very hard to find in serviceable condition with an original boxed pair in unused condition selling for three figures on E-bay.

Here at Siriushair® we have stripped down the various MK3 models and removed serviceable parts and components for spares and to assist in repairing or servicing your iconic hair straightener.

These are a piece of hairstyling history, getting rarer to find in operational condition, and the preferred model used by hairstylists due to the more rounded arms and heat dissemination making styling hair easier, we hope by using our spare parts inventory you will be able to continue to use the iconic MK3 GHD for many more years.

Remember by recycling and repairing your faulty hair straightener, rather than buying new, you are helping to look after our beautiful world for the future of everyone.

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