Mk4 GHD Spare Parts

The MK4 GHD is one of the best GHD produced by GHD (in our opinion).

Siriushair® based in the United Kingdom has all the parts to keep this iconic hair straightener fully operational.

This GHD model incorporated features not seen in the early models the most importantly being the safety shut off feature, it was also able to operate overseas with its dual 110-240v capability, unlike the earlier versions.

GHD MK4 are equipped with signal tones rather than a flashing light to indicate they are ready for use and will also beep after 30 mins when left unattended then turning themselves off.

Another neat feature is the "shiver mode" so called because when the GHD is in a cold room it will not heat up and will constantly beep until it is moved to a warmer environment. This shiver mode prevents damage to the ceramic heater elements. In the early days we received many GHD for repair due to this feature with users believing the Hair Straightener was faulty, we now always pre-test a GHD sent for repair to ensure this is not the case before a repair is started.

All the MK4 series are also universal voltage so will operate in both 110v and 240v with no change to the heating output which was a common failing of earlier models.

The downside with the MK4 was that customers believed the heating elements were misaligned due to a small gap in the plates when closed, this was a new concept of GHD to implement floating plates, which meant rubber holders under the plates would cause the heaters to apparently float until pressure by the stylist using the GHD caused the rubber to compress and plates close fully, the idea behind this was to allow thicker hair to flow more evenly through the plates rather than being gripped. The concept works but some customers were not happy with the design.

The MK4 also seems to be a more weighty GHD hair straightener with the MK4.0 being the heaviest and this added weight gave the GHD a more substantial feel and was liked by stylists around the world.

The MK4 GHD soon became the flagship GHD Hair Straightener and is still produced to this day.

This model is easily repaired and here at Siriushair®  we have a vast array of spare parts both original GHD manufactured parts and compatible spares available for you to repair or service your faulty GHD MK4

We stock parts for the classic versions MK4.0 / MK 4.1B / MK 4.3B / and all the MK4.2B in all colours and both wide and slim stylers.

Siriushair® are the leading suppliers of GHD parts and spares for you to repair or service your faulty hair straightener but we also have a specialist service repair section where our technicians can carry out the repair if required.

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