Mk5 GHD Spare Parts

This is the GHD Classic Salon Professional MK5 or Gold V Hair Straightener.

The MK5.0 GHD has had a few minor changes to the MK4 including different beep and light sequence however it remains basically the same as its predecessor with all the safety features and the same heat output.

The MK5.0 came in lots of limited edition colours although the internal components did not change, one of the failings of this model was the quality of the paint finish, the hair straightener was not given a primer or undercoat, it was simply top coated which meant that the paint very easily chipped and rubbed off due to heat and use, this left the GHD looking in a very poor condition.

We do have some original limited edition coloured body parts but unfortunately due to this paint problem they will all show wear.

The black GHD MK5.0 gold however does not suffer from the paint adhesion problem as it has not been finished, so these body parts are better quality, and can be used to replace the badly painted limited edition components.

We have lots of spare parts for this model so you can repair your faulty one or enable you to carry out a repair or service, many spare parts are used genuine GHD parts but we have also had some of the more common components which fail designed by our specialist manufacturing companies.

Some of the most common parts to fail are the thermal fuse as well as the resistors on the motherboard.

Although some repairs will need the use of a soldering iron and electrical knowledge, we also sell basic items like replacement bodies and power cables.

If you are concerned that you do not have the skills to repair your own faulty GHD we offer a repair service where our technicians will do the repair for you.

We also sell a limited stock of quality refurbished GHD which are a more cost effective way of owning a GHD rather than buying a new one.

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