Thermal Fuses

Siriushair® found that one of the main parts to fail on a GHD is the thermal fuse.

The original thermal fuse was set to fail at 214 degrees which meant that any fluctuation in temperature could cause the fuse to go open circuit, also as the fuse became older its ceramic casing and internal compound would fail.

We developed in conjunction with our US counterparts a compatible replacement fuse which has the same dimensions and composition as the original although the fuse has been set to go open circuit at 240 degrees giving it the ability to accept heat fluctuations better.

Siriushair® is constantly researching and developing its products to get the best component to provide longevity and safety when carrying out a service or repair on a faulty hair straightener and our fuse has been produced with this in mind.

If an original thermal fuse is required we can also supply this part and it can be found in the "Spares" section under  each individual models spare parts list.

On some very early MK3 and MK3.1B GHD our thermal fuse is slightly too large, however if you use a craft knife to enlarge the plastic aperture in the backing plate the fuse fits. There are plenty of videos on you tube showing how to change a thermal fuse on a MK3 GHD.

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