About Us

Siriushair® Ltd was established in 2008.

The company was formed by John Wilson an ex -serviceman who decided to repair his wives GHD but in doing so found parts were not available, being aware of the impact waste electrical items cause to the environment he began purchasing faulty GHD and re-using components to repair others.

As time progressed Siriushair® manufactured and developed compatible components to replace the most common faulty items in GHD hair straighteners.

Siriushair® worked closely with US manufacturers and technicians in South Carolina supplying components across North America.

We are constantly developing new techniques and components to enable individuals to repair the most common faults on GHD hair straighteners and pride ourselves in the quality of our repair parts.

All our components are safety checked and carry various certificates of quality assurance including ASTA / Kema-Keur / British Standards / and CE